Brand New Discs Now Available

      I am pleased to announce we have 6 new albums that  are available immediately for all major player piano systems. They include work from both Matt Peterson and John Lee Sanders.

      Matt has been the man playing your piano on such wonderfully received albums such as Definitive Disney 1 and Modern Broadway Classics and now you can hear him play everything from Schumann to Sia.  Classical Companion and Classical Selections feature a great array of classical pieces written for, or later transcribed, to the piano. Everything from Beethoven to Gershwin is features on these two wonderful albums.  We have had him busy because we also have Pop Goes Piano 1 and 2 which feature hits from the last few years. It may be all about that bass but the piano has bass too.

     John has been busy but he finally got some time to record for us and the results are truly stunning. Feelin' Blue and Touch of the Blues are both great examples of his unique style and skill. Standards to blue treatments of popular music abound in the songs he has personally selected for you to enjoy. 

     We have many albums coming through the pipeline but would love to hear what kind of music you would be interested in. Please let us know and you never know when you favorite song may become available.