Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What systems do your discs work on?

A:  Our discs work on nearly all modern player pianos with audio based systems. This includes, but is not limited to

     Silent Drive Systems
     iQ systems (with just about any control unit such as iPad, iPod, Phone or Computer)
Yamaha Disklavier
     Mark III
     Mark IV
QRS/Baldwin Pianomation
     PNOMation II
     Baldwin ConcertMaster
     Baldwin ConcertMaster Mark II
Live Performance LX

Q: Should I pick pianodisc classic or pianodisc silent drive for my pianodisc sytem?

A:  Older PianoDisc systems from around 2005 and before, that haven't been upgraded, should use the PianoDisc classic format. Newer systems from 2006 and beyond, such as the iQ and upgraded 228CFX systems should use PianoDisc Silent Drive format. 

Q: I have a digital piano that is "X" brand. Which should I pick?

A:  Almost all digital pianos will be able to read the General Midi format. General Midi format music is available on Floppy Disk or CD.

Q:  My system isn't listed. What should I do?

A:  If you have a Pianoforce system or a Roland digital piano please pick PianoDisc for compatible discs. If you have a Suzuki player system please pick QRS/Baldwin Concertmaster. If you have a PNOMation I system please send us a message.

Q:  The slot for discs on my system is a weird small shape that doesn't fit CD's! Help!

A:  Don't worry. This is an ancient type of media storage known as floppy disks. If you have a PianoDisc or Disklavier system please chose that under brand and then chose Floppy Disk" under media.

Q:  My Piano uses MP3's that I play from an iPad, iPod, smart phone or computer. Will your CD's work on my system?

A:  Absolutely. Our albums are available as MP3's and are provided on a USB flash drive. If you order one album it will be in the root of the drive. If you order more than one they will be organized by folders.

Q:  Can I be one of your artists?

A:  If you are interested in performing on one of our albums please send me a message through our Contact page.

Q:  Why is it deck the hall instead of Deck the halls?

A:  Because history. And Mr. Crawford said so. Anyway.