The Story

My first love was music and I went to school to get a pretty piece of paper that said I knew something about it. After college I managed to get a job at piano store and stay somewhat in the music world. I began experimenting and producing CDs while there but then left that job to go off to law school and seek my fortune. While at law school I concentrated in intellectual property and copyright issues in order to help out musicians. I slowly realized that while I loved having the ability to look at music legal issues from a musicians standpoint I missed being in my own world at work surrounded by pianos and music.

I decided I wanted back into that world but still wanted to help and work with other musicians. I began working on the idea of making player piano CDs and Player Piano Premier was born.

The Mission

My goal is to provide top quality performances and arrangements recorded live by pianists from around the world. I do not want to hire a talented studio musician, get my recordings from them and then move on. I want to connect with these artists and help you to connect with them too. I want you to know them, to follow them, to request more from them and help promote them, as without them these wonderful albums would never exist for you. 

I take the fact that you are inviting us into your home to play your piano very seriously. If you have any questions about our products, artists or services I am more than happy to respond and provide the answers as soon as possible.


Our Guarantee

Our discs will work on your CD based player piano system or you will get your money back. We are more than happy to help you trouble shoot any issues you have but, if in the end, we cannot make music together then it will not cost you a penny. 

Our Artists are real people. No computer is generating jerky performances. All of our music is loving played and of the highest quality. We take you letting us play on your piano very seriously.